The Development Amateur is the story of Ulrik, a self-appointed aid worker, trying to save an African village from poverty. But Ulrik, a former chef, knows nothing about Africa and has no experience in aid work.

The film is a humorous everyday documentary about a serious topic: what happens when the amateurs take over the aid efforts?

The film is produced in collaboration with DR1 and directed by Robin Schmidt and Morten Vest, who has followed Ulrik’s project in Guinea Conakry over a period of four years. Morten Vest has filmed and edited the documentary.

The film is 28 minutes:

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Denmark, +45 2212 2722


Masai on the move is a poetic and provocative portrait of indigenous peoples in a modern world. Their land and livelihoods disappear. Meet three Masai and get an insight into their thoughts on divorce, global warming and development, which is as much a threat as a opportunity.

The film was selected for the main competition at IDFA 2010

The film is produced in collaboration with DR2 and directed by Morten Vest and Robin Schmidt. It was filmed by Morten Vest and edited by Torben Larsen.



1 hour documentary. Produced in collaboration with DR2, The Danish Filminstitute and Danida.

Welcome to Loliondo is the untold story behind the presumably harmonic surface of wildlife, tourism and indigenous peoples in the world's finest safari-location. A young Maasai is shot in the head, hundreds of Maasai houses are set on fire by greedy investors, as tourist-companies, royal Arab hunters and Maasais fight bitterly over the right to the land. And one young Maasai, Herry-Guy, uses music as weapon. 

Duration: 59 min.



From the early days of FDB furniture and close relations with Kåre Klint, Mogens Koch and Børge Mogensen, Arne Karlsen is looking back at long lIfe in an significant period for Danish architecture. As a critic, a teacher and practicioning architect he has influenced the aesthetic development from the 1950¹ies till today. The film is made for the 50ies anniversary of the architect school in Aarhus, October 2nd, 2015.

Language is Danish w. Danish subtitles.

Duration 12 minutes.


A commisioned work agitating to use nature as a healing and helping element for people with different handicap. A group og six people with various psysical or mental disabilities go on a trip over four days in the Danish outdoors. Though their experiences with canoing, hiking, biking and just being together, we get an understanding of how nature can help.

Language is Danish. Choose Danish or English subtitles from CC buttom.

Duration 20 minutes.

Please donate. If you like this film or just want to support Herry from the film consider donating any amount and we will make sure he recieves the money, thanks.

Please donate. If you like this film or just want to support Elisabeth from the film consider donating any amount and we will make sure she recieves the money, thanks.


The Redeemed follows a young couple, who in 1913 left for what is today known as Northern Nigeria. Niels and Margaret Brønnum are the first missionaries in the area and their mission is “to build a bullwark against Islam”. Through a unique archive, filmed by the missionaries themselves over the last 100 years, the film shows how it went and what price the redeemed had to pay for the Christian lifestyle. The Redeemed is a complex and provocative story about good intentions, adventurousness and arrogance, then as today. See trailer above. The film premiered at CPH:DOX. For more, please visit:  

Duration 1h23 samt 55 minuttes.